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Compost Equipment

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Turners - Self-propelled

Turners - Pull-type

Turners - Front-mounted

Other Turning Options

Windrow Construction

Enclosed Bag System

Grinders and Screens



Turners - Self-propelled 

A large self-propelled turner in use at the Washington State University compost facility.


New Frontier compost turner.


 Straddle type turner working in a windrow.

Slide courtesy of Les Kuhlman

 The auger turning mechanism of a straddle type turner.


A self-propelled turner being prepared for road travel after finishing the turning.


 A turner ready for road transit, towed by a truck.


This Buhler turner is used in Wright Co., MN in conjunction with a floor aeration system.


 A self-propelled Buhler turner.


A Scat inclined-conveyor turner.


 A self-propoelled Scat turner.


 Inclined-conveyor turner used at Cornell University, New York.

Slide courtesy of Tom Richard

 Scat turner working in an extended static pile.


 Tines on the working face of an inclined-conveyor turner.


Turners - Pull-type 

A pull-behind turner suitable for on-farm composting.


A tractor-powered single pass turner used in a California operation.


 A tractor-pulled single pass turner.


 A Wildcat pull-type windrow turner.


A pull-type turner working in a windrow.


 The flails and shaft of a Wildcat turner.


 A double pass, tractor-powered turner used in Massachusetts.


Turners - Front-mounted 

A front-mounted, loader-driven, double-pass turner; California.

Slide courtesy of Maarten van de Kamp

 Field windrow turning of composted cattle manure with a Brown Bear auger turner.


An auger-style turner used in Idaho.


Other Turning Options

A grower near Burley, ID uses this farm-fabricated windrow turner.


This snow blower has been adapted for turning windrows near Jerome, ID. It had mixed success.


 A potato digger modified to turn windrows in Massachusetts.

Slide courtesy of Tom Richard

 An Idaho dairy farmer turns compost with an excavator.


 Turning compost with a skid loader.


 Turning a pile with a tractor bucket loader in New York.

Slide courtesy of Tom Richard

 Windrow Construction

This wagon is used to build windrows on a farm in Massachusetts.


 A walking floor trailer building windrows in Vermont.


A truck-mounted mixing wagon used at a composting facility in Idaho.


 This manure spreader is also used to build compost windrows at a dairy in Idaho.


Enclosed Bag System

An enclosed bag composting system used at Olds college in Alberta.


 The plastic bag on an enclosed bag system.


 A filled enclosed bag.

Slide courtesy of Ag-Bag International

Grinders and Screens 


A hammermill tub grinder in action at a facility in Connecticut.


 A tub grinder used at a yard debris compost facility.


  Hammers inside of a tub grinder.


Ground-up residue ready for composting.



 A horizontal-feed hammermill grinder.


 This belt-shear shredder is used to shred compost in Massachusetts.


 This tractor with a flail chopper is used to grind brush for composting in California.


 Flails on a tractor-powered flail chopper.


 This rubber-finger star screen is used to screen finished product in Maine.


 This home-made trommel screen is used at a site in Idaho.



A blower used to aerate static piles.



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